Published on July 12, 2021

Steffanie Stelnick Shares a Personal Story of Gratitude

“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.”-Karl Barth. Joy is what was heard in Steffanie Stelnick’s voice as she shared a personal story of why she supports Henry Mayo at the Home Tour League’s recent Boutique and Fashion Show Luncheon.

Stelnick recalled the day she went into labor with her first born and had her entire birthing plan all mapped out. Unfortunately, the baby had become wrapped in the umbilical cord forcing an emergency C-section. This news would’ve shaken most women, but for Steffanie, she never once doubted the talented team of the doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals in the labor and delivery unit at the Center for Women and Newborns. Stelnick shared that the team reassured her and husband Todd about the procedure, and went on to describe the experience as “calming and enjoyable from the music to the wonderful care from anesthesiologists and staff.”

In 2016, Steffanie returned to Henry Mayo for the birth of her twins and once again was amazed with great care from all involved. In closing, Stelnick gave words of advice, to other pregnant women, “not to worry about making a plan because Henry Mayo has a plan.” She even noted that she took comfort in knowing that 32 years ago, her sister was born at Henry Mayo so there was something very special about the hospital’s connection to her family.

Steffanie and her husband Todd are life-long residents of the Santa Clarita Valley and have recently joined the SCV business community. The Stelnicks are CEO’s of Southern California Real Estate Management, Inc. (SCREM). SCREM was the title sponsor of last year’s 40th anniversary Ruby Jubilee Holiday Home Tour. Stelnick is not only a wife and mother, but she’s an accomplished entrepreneur, attorney, and founder of the Law Offices of Steffanie Stelnick. Steffanie Stelnick is a champion of Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital and she expressed her gratitude and joy in knowing that there is a state-of-the-art hospital with a dedicated team of healthcare professionals in the Santa Clarita Valley.