Center for Women and Newborns supported by Home Tour and local pediatricians

The Holiday Home Tour President and Home Chair presented the Foundation with a check for $40,000 for the Henry Mayo Center for Women and Newborns. A portion of their proceeds will be used to match the fundraising efforts of local pediatricians to provide mounted ophthalmoscopes in every postpartum room.

Dr. Peter Kim and Dr. Morris Yen were very appreciative of the collaboration and thanked all of the members and donors of the home tour. The new ophthalmoscopes will be part of every infants first physical with their pediatrician at Henry Mayo.

“We are fortunate the Foundation at Henry Mayo works with support groups and individual donors to provide the very best in equipment and technology for our patients, families, staff and physicians” said Lori Matzner, Director of Maternal and Child Health Services at Henry Mayo.

The Holiday Home Tour annual event has raised over one million dollars in proceeds to support Henry Mayo. Next year’s event will be held on December 3, 2021.