Prescription Drop-Off Program

Community members are able to drop off medications;  All will be screened upon arrival.*

A safe and secure unused prescription drug collection program is now available to everyone in the community. The collection receptacle is located in the main lobby of the hospital and offers the opportunity for anyone to deposit unused prescription medicines there seven days a week, during hospital visiting hours, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Improper disposal of unused medications today takes many forms, from flushing down the toilet or pouring in the drain, to throwing in the garbage, or worse. More often than not, the end result is damage to our environment, drug diversion or the drugs being abused by others.

  • 40 million Americans in major metropolitan areas have pharmaceutical chemicals and hormones in their drinking water.
  • 71,000 children are seen in emergency departments every year due to accidental ingestion of medications.
  • Every day 2,500 teens abuse prescription pain relievers for the first time.
  • 16,000 people die every year from heroin and cocaine; 22,000 die from prescription drugs.

Many people are unaware of drug take-back options, and those that are often don’t know where to find a collection receptacle in their community. This program will offer a convenient and safe disposal of pharmaceuticals, environmental protection from drug residue in our water, and will mitigate prescription drug abuse.

Reviewed by Patrick Moody on April 21, 2022

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