Patient Responsibilities

The care you receive depends partially on you. Therefore, as a patient at Henry Mayo you have responsibilities. These responsibilities are presented in the spirit of mutual trust and respect.

  • Provide information, to the best of your knowledge about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalization, medications, and other matters relating to your health.
  • Ask questions when you do not understand your care, treatment, procedures, medication instructions, or what you are expected to do.
  • Ask your doctor or nurse what to expect regarding pain and pain management.
  • Discuss pain relief options with your doctors and nurses, and ask for pain relief when pain first begins.
  • Tell your doctor or nurse if your pain is not relieved.
  • Follow instructions for your care, treatment, and pain relief.

Patient Rights and The Patient Experience

You have a right to expect and receive respectful, considerate, quality care while at Henry Mayo Hospital. If you have concerns about the care you or your family member received, we encourage you to speak with your physician or with the nursing supervisor.

If you feel that your issue was not resolved to your satisfaction, please call our Patient Relations department at 661.200.1030.

Patient Rights

You may report any unresolved quality of care concerns directly to The Joint Commission by visiting or by calling 630.792.5636.

If you want to file a grievance with the hospital, you may do so by writing or by calling Patient Relations. The grievance committee will review each grievance and provide you with a written response within 30 days. The written response will contain the name of a person to contact at the hospital, the steps taken to investigate the grievance, the result of the grievance process, and the date of completion of the grievance process. Concerns regarding quality of care or premature discharge will also be referred to the appropriate Utilization and Quality Control peer Review Organization (PRO).

You may file a complaint concerning compliance with privacy policies and/or stage and federal privacy requirements. 

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