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Your Family Centered Care Experience

Birthing Suites in Santa Clarita

Your Family Centered Care Experience

Having a baby is an experience like no other. At Henry Mayo, we want to do everything we can to make sure your new baby’s first moments with you are as comfortable, joyous, and special as possible.

Some of the ways we help you make the most of your delivery experience include:

  • The Golden Hour – To help preserve your “golden hour” in those moments immediately following birth, our team makes sure you get uninterrupted time to bond with your new baby, skin to skin. For new babies, a mom’s chest is the best place to adjust to life outside the womb. This kind of contact also helps babies stay warmer, calmer, and happier than babies kept in cribs. Dads can snuggle with baby, too!

  • Rooming-In – You and your baby share a room at Henry Mayo. This “rooming in” extends to baby care education and feeding. You’ll quickly learn your new baby’s feeding cues and develop confidence before you leave us. Rooming-in allows infant procedures to be performed at the bedside so that you and your family members feel included in the care of the baby. One nurse takes care of mother and baby. All your personal and medical needs will be met 24 hours a day.

  • Couplet Care – You can count on one nurse—rather than different nurses—to provide postpartum care to you and your baby. Your postpartum nurse (who may also be your labor and delivery nurse) is specially trained to assess both you and your new baby, help with breastfeeding, and provide a more seamless, unified approach to postnatal care.

  • Henry Mayo's Breastfeeding Model Hospital Policy – Henry Mayo’s Model Hospital Policy promotes and supports breastfeeding in maternity care and is supported by evidence based practice and targeted outcomes.

  • Delayed First Bath – Newborns are delivered with a protective skin covering called vernix, which helps protect them against dryness and infection. For this reason, we hold off on bathing babies during their first day to allow this substance to absorb into their skin.

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