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Patient Information

Patient Information: What You Need to Know


The Center for Women and Newborns has visiting hours from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 to 8 p.m. daily. Fathers can visit at any time. While healthy siblings with no colds, flu or other contagious illnesses are typically allowed to visit when accompanies by an adult, we ask that you not bring anyone under the age of 14 to visit patients during flu season or other community outbreaks.

Visitation during labor

Family and friends are allowed during labor, but no more than two attendees in addition to the coach will be allowed in the labor and delivery area.

New fathers

Fathers are encouraged to go home and sleep between delivery and discharge. The father may sleep overnight in a sleep chair or recliner provided.

Rest for new mothers

To ensure new mothers get as much rest as possible, and to keep the noise level down, we ask that you limit phone calls and visitors during your hospital stay. Call one or two loved ones who can relay information to your family and friends. If you would like us to hold your calls so that you can get some rest, let the hospital operator know by dialing “0“ on your room phone. We have implemented “Just Us Two“ at 2 p.m., which allows our moms and babies to rest from 2 to 4 p.m. each day. We do not encourage visitors during this time and will coordinate our care to minimize interruptions to allow moms and babies to bond and rest.


Infant security and safety is very important to us. As a result, we do many things to keep your baby safe. All newborns wear an ankle band that activates an alarm if the baby leaves the unit. Mothers and fathers also wear special wrist bands that identify them as parents of the infant. In the Women’s Unit, nurses wear unique ID badges. It’s important that you learn your nurse’s name and not let anyone take your baby out of the room without your permission. Never leave your baby unattended.


There is a phone in the labor and delivery room. Phone cards can be used to make long distance calls. In addition, cell phones are permitted in the waiting room and patient rooms. However, cell phone cameras are allowed only when approved by our staff.


Videotaping is not allowed in the delivery room. However in most situations it is allowed before and after delivery. Videotaping of staff is permitted only with their permission.

Please feel free to contact the coordinator of maternity services and educational programs with any questions or concerns you may have. You may reach our Center for Women and Newborns at 661.200.1512, or our Lactation Services at 661.200.1515.

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