Published on April 12, 2018

Rod McIntosh -  New Outpatient Procedure is a Breath of Fresh Air

Rod McIntosh, 61, had suffered with asthma on and off through the years so he knew what to expect when in his early 50s the condition returned causing him constant coughing, wheezing and the need for a daily inhaler. In addition, the asthma was interfering with his work and family life. As a realtor, McIntosh deals closely with clients and his constant coughing was affecting his job. The coughing was irritating everyone including family members. It was also difficult to breathe; even walking around the golf course was a challenge. “The coughing was affecting me at work,” he said. “I had a rescue inhaler and another inhaler that I had to use twice a day. I had been doing this for the past four years.”

Thanks to bronchial thermoplasty, a fairly new outpatient procedure offered at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, McIntosh is breathing easier, the coughing has subsided and he no longer needs the daily inhaler. “My physician, Dr. Khanna, felt there was muscle build-up in the airways and if that was eliminated it would help me,” McIntosh said. “I met the criteria and was a good candidate for the procedure.” McIntosh underwent the procedure in three separate 90-minute sessions in a span of three months in 2015.

“I was treated first class by everyone at Henry Mayo,” he said. “I noticed the biggest difference after the last procedure. I’m not coughing and things are much better now.” McIntosh, who moved to Santa Clarita in 1987 with his wife Kathi, has had previous experiences at Henry Mayo. In 2002, he suffered a heart attack and was transported to the Emergency Department. “They helped to keep me alive,” he said. The hospital also took care of my parents in their last years.” Another connection to the hospital is that one of his three grandchildren was born at Henry Mayo. They’re especially glad to see their grandfather breathing better.