Published on April 18, 2018

Perez Family - A Memorable Delivery

As first-time parents, and dealing with health issues during pregnancy, Chuck and Elizabeth Perez were apprehensive as they entered the Henry Mayo Labor and Delivery department.

“However, we quickly found we were surrounded by angels--the nursing staff at Henry Mayo,” Chuck Perez said.

With Chuck by her side, Elizabeth had endured almost seven months of restricted mobility due to a high-risk pregnancy. With their recent medical problems in the forefront of their minds, these first-time parents were faced with uncertainly as they began their journey at Henry Mayo.

Then, they met their first maternity nurse, Laura, who provided them with constant assurance, hand-holding, and information as she talked them through everything in easy-to-understand terms. After more than 10 hours in labor, as Laura’s shift was ending, in walked another Henry Mayo angel, Nurse Paula.

“Paula immediately won us over with her southern charm, humor and excitement for our baby’s birth,” said Chuck. “She had a mother’s touch and warmed our nervous hearts. She gave us information on caring for our baby, told us the importance of breastfeeding and provided my wife a comforting shoulder to cry on. She felt like part of the family.”

Nurse Patty was the Perez’ third nurse and carried them through the delivery of baby Justin Charles who was born on April 26, 2012. “With over 24 hours of labor, Elizabeth and I were filled with gratitude to all the nurses that coached and gave us strength along the way,” said proud dad Chuck.

“The nursing staff continued to amaze us,” said Elizabeth. “We were so concerned and everyone went out of their way to tell us exactly what was happening and empowered us to make the right decisions for our baby.”

“We are sharing our story with everyone so they too can be blessed by the angels at Henry Mayo.”

Chuck, Elizabeth and baby Justin live in Castaic and are all doing wonderful.