Published on October 01, 2018

Patricia Spellman - A Patient Testimonial

Patricia Spellman enjoyed a successful career as an award-winning broadcaster in radio & television marketing, spanning over twenty years. She has been honored for her contributions as a veteran Community Service volunteer and is especially proud of her recognized leadership and ongoing commitment to a wide range of community outreach programs.

Married to her husband Chuck for almost 30 years, Patricia has lived in Stevenson Ranch for the past two decades, raising their family. Their son Chad is serving his sixth year with the Air Force as a Staff Sergeant in Montana. Their daughter Chasey works as a Physical Therapist Aid while pursuing her doctorate.

Patricia’s has a passion for praising others for a job well-done. She focuses on the power of positivity and the ripples that good deeds send out into our world. Patricia experienced a life-changing moment in her own life, an episode that included t exceptional care at the Sheila R Veloz Breast Center.

In late 2016, Patricia’s world stood still when, while recovering from a partial hysterectomy for an ovarian tumor, an abnormality was detected during her routine breast exam. A biopsy was scheduled.

Patricia was absolutely terrified when she arrived at the Breast Center for her biopsy procedure.

“The compassionate staff at the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center knew exactly how I was feeling,” said Patricia. “My nurse intuitively sensed that I needed to be reassured and put at ease.”

Patricia felt respected and valued and knew she would receive the best possible care.

“That level of focus and care is the difference between a painful and scary procedure, and faith that in the end, everything will be okay. I was treated with such warm care and regard which gave me great comfort during a difficult time.”

As it turned out, Patricia was fortunate. The growth that was detected on the mammogram was benign. She did not have breast cancer. Many women share similar experiences. Routine breast examinations and early tumor detection is critical to saving lives, but it’s the compassion, skill and dedication of the entire staff at the Breast Center that creates the ideal patient-centered environment to surpass expectations.

In Patricia’s pay-it-forward world, her words of thanks for the care shown to her can never fully express the level of gratitude she will always carry in her heart for the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center and staff.

“What a stellar staff! Thank you doesn’t begin to express my deepest gratitude.”