Published on December 12, 2017

Pam Chandler, Infusion Center Patient

Pam Chandler was the last patient in the old infusion center located in MS3 when it closed on Feb. 15, 2013, and the first patient of the new infusion center when it opened on Feb. 18, 2013, at its new location in the F Building on Henry Mayo’s campus. And what a difference.

Pam and her husband Keith Chandler were impressed, not only by the much larger space of the new infusion center, but also that it was up and running so quickly and smoothly with no downtime in between.

“It’s obvious that at Henry Mayo they care about the patients, and they worked very hard to make this happen,” Keith said.”

Though there are infusion centers closer to home, Pam and her husband Keith Chandler said they drive all the way from Palmdale to Henry Mayo, mainly because of the “exemplary way” they are treated by Henry Mayo staff.

“The people here are really, really good and now the new facility is definitely a step up,” Pam said. “It’s much more peaceful here and there is a lot more room for visitor. It’s much more convenient. And Mary is wonderful, she’s the best.”

Mary Csaftis, RN, is the infusion center nurse. Csaftis has been overseeing Pam’s treatment for an auto-immune condition at the infusion center for the past 10 months. Her infusion treatment is every three weeks for three days, six hours each day. Now those treatments will be completed in the new, 2,000 square-foot space which is able to accommodate twice as many patients in a much more relaxed environment.

Previously, Keith would drive around town, waiting until Pam was done with her six-hour treatments. Now, Keith can wait with Pam, they eat meals together, and there is even room for him to set out his laptop.

“This is our new meeting spot for our hot dates,” he said.