Published on February 06, 2018

Dennis Goble, Heart Patient

Thanks to generous donors like David Medoff, heart patients like Dennis Goble are getting their lives back.

Goble, 63, the hospital's first open heart surgery patient, had open heart surgery at Henry Mayo to replace a severely stiffened heart valve. He was well taken care of throughout his hospital stay.

"I've been to other heart experts and prestigious hospitals over the years," Goble said. "It was only at Henry Mayo that my heart condition was diagnosed and fixed. Everything was completely excellent at Henry Mayo."

Prior to his heart surgery at Henry Mayo, Goble suffered many years with heart disease. His health problems mounted recently leading to worsening of his quality of life.

"I kept building up fluids and getting sicker and sicker," he said. "My breathing was bad and I felt like I was ready to die."

Following his surgery and physical therapy, Goble has made a remarkable recovery.