Published on April 18, 2018

Akbar Hasan (In Memoriam)

Henry Mayo’s new Infusion Center and its patients are the beneficiaries of a generous donation which was made by Haida Sheikh, a pathologist assistant, on behalf of the late Akbar Hasan.

It was through her friendship with Rashida Soni, MD, medical director of pathology and laboratory at Henry Mayo, that Sheikh decided to make the donation to benefit the new, 2,000-square foot Infusion Center which opened in March 2013, and is already filling its chairs with grateful patients. Dr. Soni described the need at Henry Mayo and Sheikh responded by committing the funds.

“I decided to put all of the money to the Infusion Center because it will do good for so many people,” Haida Sheikh said, on behalf of the late Akbar Hasan. “I thought I might fund it completely because the patients truly need this spacious area for such an important service.”

From the soothing earth colors to the individual televisions to the separate refrigerator for patient meals, the new Infusion Center is designed to provide the best treatment in a reduced-stress environment. It accommodates twice as many patients and visitors in more than eight times the space, with large windows facing beautiful trees and greenery.

“When I met with a patient the other day I can understand the importance of the community hospital,” she said. “People in smaller communities appreciate philanthropic funds because it seems so much is given to the larger university hospitals. And I realized that more could be accomplished at Henry mayo from Mr. Hasan’s trust. Human value is the same wherever it is.”

Through such philanthropy, Henry Mayo is able to provide patients access to life-saving services and the most advanced technology. Since its inception in 1980, the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Health Foundation has been instrumental in helping the hospital provide world-class health care to the Santa Clarita Valley Community by raising more than $50 million.