Published on January 17, 2018

Adam Stelmach, Patient

Fortunately for the Stelmach family, Henry Mayo was there to provide outstanding life-saving care during their time of need. Following an accidental fall, Adam Stelmach, 21, was transported to Henry Mayo's ED where doctors told the family that Adam suffered life-threatening injuring including severe facial fractures, a fractured vertebrae, liver and spleen damage and significant swelling of the brain.

Adam spent the next three weeks in a coma in Henry Mayo's Intensive Care Unit, followed by five more weeks of dedicated care.

Upon his discharge from Henry Mayo, Adam was transferred to an acute neurological rehabilitation facility where he began intensive one-on-one neurological therapy to treat his traumatic brain injury. To everyone's amazement, Adam has beaten the odds and is now experiencing his "new normal."

Adam's recovery from his traumatic brain injury crossed many departments at Henry Mayo, including the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Respiratory, Radiology, Definitive Observation Unit, and Acute Rehabilitation Unit.

Thanks to the team at Henry Mayo, Adam was given a second chance. That is why every Thanksgiving, Adam and his family return to Henry Mayo where Adam gets to say "thanks" to those who helped save his life.