Published on August 15, 2022

Congratulations to the New Grad Nurse Residency Cohort

Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Nurse Residency Cohort 22-01 graduation photo – July 19th.

It has been said “Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” For the new nurse recently graduated from nursing school, nothing is truer. In fact, the time between leaving school and feeling comfortable in the nursing profession is often fraught with fear of failure or doubting one’s ability to practice as a professional nurse. Perhaps underscoring this fear is the fact that, as one study found, 17 – 30% of new nurses leave their job within the first year and as many as 56% leave within the second! There are myriad factors for why this is the case, but a common theme is a feeling of lack of support from their healthcare organization. During this time of increasing hospitalizations, decreasing access to healthcare, and staffing challenges, hospitals can ill-afford to lose staff.

One way to lessen this “transition shock” is for hospitals to offer the new professional nurse a purposeful and planned nurse residency program. At Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, the Nurse Resident program provides the new nurse with time in the classroom to learn nursing-specific skills and the obligations of the nursing profession, as well as the purpose, mission, and values of the organization. More importantly the new nurse is paired with a preceptor, an experienced nurse on their unit who helps introduce them to patient care, and at various times acts as socializer, protector, mentor, and counselor. During the three-month resident experience, the new professional nurse becomes comfortable with patient care, learns and understands different processes, and makes proof of their calling. The literature suggests helping the new professional nurse through the transition period is key to retaining them as part of the organization. The end goal of our Nurse Residency is a nurse who can safely care for their patient assignment, become part of the fabric of their unit, and embrace the Henry Mayo Way.

We recently graduated a group of 20 nurse residents on July 19th. They will assume positions on DOU, ARU, ED, MS1, MS4 and the Tower Units. A new cohort of nurse residents will begin on September 13, 2022.

Meet Joe Green, Director of Staff Development

Q: What led you to work in the medical field?

A: While nursing is not my first career, it is the one I always wanted. My mom, who graduated from one of the original public hospitals in the United States, Philadelphia General Hospital, inspired me to become a nurse when she got me a job in a nursing home as an assistant when I was 16 years old. It took me 37 years to finally go to nursing school – after having served in the military, worked in the insurance industry, and finally as a security guard at Cal Arts down the road.

Q: For someone who doesn’t work in a Hospital, can you describe what you do?

A: Henry Mayo has been home for my entire nursing career, 20 years this past February. I came here as a newly graduated registered nurse and worked for 14 years at the bedside in the ED caring for patients, then for 5 years as the ED Clinical Nurse Navigator. I assumed my current position in February of this year. In this position, we support the training needs of the institution – both the regulatory requirements as well as helping employees develop professionally. The department has been focused lately on orientation of new employees, simulation exercises for clinical staff, and training newly graduated nurses.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

A: It was very difficult leaving the bedside because I took great joy in helping the members of the Santa Clarita Valley, the community where I live. Now, I find it rewarding to be involved in supporting those who provide direct patient care. Watching staff I have personally mentored or provided training progress in their career makes this worthwhile. I am blessed with a great team of staff who are passionate about serving others. Any day as a nurse is better than the many jobs I have had because I believe this is what I was called to do!