How to Change OB-GYNs Mid-Pregnancy

It can be challenging to find a good OB-GYN in your area who understands your needs, and even more so when you already have an OB-GYN and want a different one in the middle of your pregnancy. But it’s possible—and surprisingly simple—to switch OB-GYNs while pregnant with these tips for choosing the right doctor.

Why Some Women Choose to Switch OB-GYNs

Throughout your pregnancy, it’s important to have an OB-GYN who works with you, understands your needs, and honors your wishes for a healthy, happy pregnancy and delivery. If your OB-GYN doesn’t offer understandable health information or you feel uncomfortable for any reason, then it’s a good idea to switch OB-GYNs. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your OB-GYN while you’re pregnant, so choosing the right one matters.

How to Choose an OB-GYN Who’s Right for You

Finding a good OB-GYN in your area takes some research, but the extra effort will be worth it. When looking for a new OB-GYN, consider the following:

  • Is the OB-GYN able to address your concerns? If you have preexisting conditions or complications during your pregnancy, is the new OB-GYN capable of managing high-risk pregnancies?
  • Is the OB-GYN compassionate? Do you feel the OB-GYN addresses care holistically and will care for you as a person, not just a patient? You want to feel that your OB-GYN is in your corner throughout your pregnancy journey.
  • Is the OB-GYN good at explaining care? Do you feel comfortable asking the OB-GYN any questions that you have? Birthing education classes help you feel informed and educated about your pregnancy, and a good OB-GYN makes that a priority.
  • Is the OB-GYN respectful of your wishes? If you want to have a natural birth, be certain the OB-GYN is not partial to performing C-sections. You should feel comfortable discussing your birth plan and care concerns. The doctor should honor your wishes for how you’ll deliver your baby and the care you’d like to receive during and after pregnancy.
  • Is the OB-GYN open and clear about potential changes to your birth plan? Sometimes, your care preferences may not align with what’s best for you or your baby. If that’s the case, the OB-GYN should be able to explain specifically why you may need to make changes to your birth plan and offer alternatives that are safe and healthy for you and your baby.

Before Changing OB-GYNs

  • Keep these goals in mind when switching to another OB-GYN during your pregnancy:
  • Ensure the OB-GYN is accepting new patients and takes your insurance plan.
  • Alert your current OB-GYN of your plans to switch. Ask to cancel any upcoming appointments to avoid potential fees.
  • Request that copies of your current medical information are sent to your new OB-GYN. At your first appointment, tell your new OB-GYN about any medicines you take, health conditions you have, your pregnancy history, and other health concerns. Be prepared to answer any questions your new OB-GYN has, and don’t be afraid to ask questions of your own.

Our OB-GYN Benefits

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