Hospital Safety During COVID-19

Is it safe to have a baby in the hospital during COVID-19? Yes! The entire Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital staff is taking extra precautions to ensure patient safety in hospitals. During a time as stressful and exciting as welcoming a new baby, we especially want you to feel safe and confident at all times.

All of our services prioritize patient safety in hospitals, including maternity care where we strive to keep families safe and protected every day.

Are Hospitals Safe During COVID-19?

We understand how uneasy you might feel about the level of patient safety taking place in hospitals right now. However, giving birth to your baby in a hospital is one of the safest decisions you could make. Maternity care at a hospital means you and your baby will receive comprehensive, compassionate care—where your entire medical team is up to date on safety standards and committed to enforcing them throughout your labor and delivery. Here’s what we’re doing:

Surgical Safety

Hospital surgical rooms are clean and sterile for every procedure. We test all surgical patients for COVID-19 three to five days before their procedure, in addition to taking their temperature once they arrive.

Personal Protective Equipment

Multiple studies prove that when healthcare professionals wear personal protective equipment (PPE) properly, they are protecting themselves and patients from spreading COVID-19.

Every Detail Matters

We are taking various steps to maintain patient safety at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital:

  • Before patients come for routine care, they are screened over the telephone and in person.
  • Clipboards and pens are wiped down and sterilized after every use.
  • Our providers have immediate access to hand sanitizer stations inside and outside of patient rooms.
  • Visiting restrictions are in place to help prevent exposure.
  • We provide masks to individuals if they do not bring their own.
  • We take the temperatures of all hospital patients and visitors when they enter.

We’re dedicated to patient safety in hospitals, during the pandemic, and always.