7 Types of Pregnancy Pains

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and joy. But growing a baby can be a painful experience. Although uncomfortable, pain during pregnancy is pretty common. Here are seven types of pregnancy pain you’re likely to experience.

1. Lower Back Pain

As baby grows, the demands on your body do as well. One of the areas that takes a lot of the strain is your lower back. Reduce your symptoms by getting regular exercise (consult your doctor before beginning an exercise routine) and not standing for prolonged periods. Please note that lower back pain can be a sign of possible labor. Consult your doctor if you are unsure.

2. Pelvic Pain

Pregnancy pelvic pain occurs in nearly 80% of pregnancies. In most cases, the pain is nothing to worry about. Prenatal massage, Kegel exercises, or a warm bath are often enough to put pelvic pain in its place. Contact your doctor if the pain persists.

3. Breast Pain

As you approach your due date, hormone changes cause your breasts to grow in anticipation of breastfeeding. Wearing a maternity bra with good support can help ease any pain you may experience. Contact your doctor should you notice any unusual lumps in our breasts

4. False Labor Pains

Occurring in many pregnancies, false labor pains, known as Braxton Hicks contractions, have one purpose: to prepare your body for childbirth. Unfortunately, these contractions are often mistaken for the real deal. If you’re having a hard time distinguishing between real contractions and Braxton Hicks contractions, contact your doctor.

5. Pregnancy Headache

Headache and pregnancy go hand in hand. Before taking medication, talk with your doctor. Headaches could be caused by an underlying health condition that needs to be treated.

6. Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids cause itching, bleeding, and pain for approximately half of all pregnant women. Witch hazel can ease the pain, but the best remedy for hemorrhoids is prevention. Drink lots of fluids, consume plenty of fiber, and try not to strain when having a bowel movement. Use stool softeners if you struggle to use the restroom.

7. Pregnancy Gas Pains

As with hemorrhoids, prevention is the best medicine when it comes to gas during pregnancy. Exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, and eat fiber-rich foods. Are you expecting? Find a Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital doctor who will help you through the pains and joys of pregnancy.

Are you expecting? Find a Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital doctor who will help you through the pains and joys of pregnancy.