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Henry Mayo physical therapy specializes in the rehabilitation of the athletic patient population and competitive sports participants. We bridge the gap between physical therapy and sports medicine rehabilitation with the primary goal of returning athletes to their sport in the fastest possible time frame and with improved performance. Our assessment and treatment approach is based on identifying faults in our athletes’ sports specific movement patterns that may have lead to initial injury, in order to eliminate recurrence of injuries, and improve optimal sports performance. Whether following a surgery or the weekend warrior looking to get back to sports participation, we have the ability to create an individualized approach that is sports-specific and up to date with the current research evidence with the primary goal of returning you back the sport you love.

Physical Therapy Management of Post-Concussive Syndrome

Many concussions will resolve fairly quickly, within 7-10 days with proper rest. However, more severe cases are associated with the possibility of post-concussive syndrome. This syndrome usually will manifest with multiple symptoms, such as continued headache, trouble with balance, dizziness, and/or difficulty with concentration, which often last greater than four weeks. Treatment options include prolonged rest, academic accommodations, medications, and physical therapy management.

At Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Outpatient Physical Therapy our team of licensed and experienced therapists can help to accelerate the process of recovery, return to activities of daily living and sports or recreational participation. Physical therapy can address secondary injuries such as neck muscle strains, vertigo, balance impairments, cervicogenic headaches, abnormal eye movements, and supervised return to sport or work exertional training. Your physical therapist will design and implement an individualized exercise plan, to assist with re-educating the brain to tolerate exercise or exertion while eventually returning you to your daily activities and/or sports participation safely.

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For more information on athletic training services, visit the Athletic Training Outreach Program.

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