Pain Management

A Collaborative Approach to Pain Management

We recognize that many patients who are contemplating surgery may already be dealing with pain in some form. Whether it is acute pain following an injury or chronic pain, our team at Henry Mayo is dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient-centered pain management.

This process begins in our pre-surgery education class where we encourage our patients to take an active part in their care by setting realistic goals. We discuss pain management strategies which include different types of medications, non-drug therapies, as well as different forms of anesthesia to ensure pain is controlled post-operatively.

It’s important to have realistic expectations. You will have pain after surgery, however, our goal is to make sure your pain is controlled so that you are able to participate in physical and occupational therapy sessions, get out of bed for all of your meals, and to do your daily exercises. Upon discharge, you will be provided with your own specific plan and education on pain management therapies to continue at home.

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