After Surgery 

Our highly trained therapists will work with you one-on-one to create a customized treatment plan aimed at restoring strength and mobility. Our goal is to get you moving again so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Shortly after your transfer to the orthopedic unit, you will get up and walk the same day of surgery. All of our orthopedic staff is trained to get you out of bed and to assist you. If you have a total shoulder replacement, expect to work with occupational therapy the next morning.

Helping Your Recovery:

  • Let us know if your pain is not controlled. We have multiple ways of treating your pain so don’t wait until your pain is extreme before you let the staff know. Staying ahead of your pain will help you accomplish more and require less medication.
  • Get out of bed to the chair for every meal.
  • Keep the compression socks and foot pumps on your legs. These are there to prevent blood clots.
  • Practice breathing exercises to help prevent pneumonia. You will be given an incentive spirometer and taught how to use it 10 times every hour.
  • Actively participate with therapy and do all the exercises you are taught.
  • Ask questions.

Once You Are Home:

  • You will follow-up with your surgeon within 2 weeks of surgery and routinely thereafter
  • Be diligent with following your physical therapy exercises and any precautions you may have
  • Walk daily and gradually increase your distance

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