Roberta G. Veloz Cardiovascular Center

We take the journey with you and your family, providing state-of-the-art heart care while educating you on healthy heart choices that will transform your lifestyle and quality of life.

Heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States. To address this statistic, Henry Mayo has expanded its Cardiovascular Services to include a broad range of cardiac care services. From diagnostic care through minimally invasive interventions to open heart surgery and cardiac rehabilitation, Henry Mayo’s team of specialists put their heart into ensuring the best cardiovascular care, right here in our community.

You can be confident that we have the right skills, team, technology and expertise available to care for your heart. With faster diagnosis recognition and rapid cardiac intervention, Henry Mayo’s experts can help prevent, treat or even reverse some types of damage to your heart.

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Henry Mayo's Skilled and Experienced Team

Dedicated to a Healthier You

With its expanded cardiovascular services, Henry Mayo’s experienced and dedicated team of cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons are now better able to evaluate the extent of cardiac damage, pinpoint problem areas and execute strategies to mitigate and/or reverse cardiac damage for you and your loved ones.

The cardiovascular team provides top quality heart care by board-certified physicians and caring, highly experienced nurses. Its highly experienced cardiologists have been treating patients with cardiac catheterizations and its cardiothoracic surgeons have performed thousands of open heart surgeries including coronary artery bypass, valve repairs and replacements, aneurysm repairs and more.

Henry Mayo’s heart care services range from prevention, education, non-invasive testing and diagnostic catheterization to interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, surgery and cardiac rehabilitation program. A nurse navigator and case managers will put their heart into keeping communication, compassion, comfort, and quality at the forefront of your hospital stay.

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