Complete Care

If receiving the best care for breast cancer meant hours of commuting every day, you'd seek it out. If your best possible treatment was a thousand miles away, you’d make the journey. We understand where you are.

At the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center, you'll find this expertise, and the complete confidence that you don’t need to leave your family and friends behind to find the top-level, individualized care you need to ensure your brightest future. At the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center, you have instant access to ACR-recognized breast cancer detection, superior diagnostics, and top-tier treatment, all in a single location in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Complete Care Means Better Care

When your treatment team works together, you reap the rewards of their close collaboration. Surgeons and pathologists confer during a surgery, to help ensure all the cancer is removed. Plastic surgeons work in the same operating room, at the same time, to enhance cosmetic results, and reduce recovery time. Oncologists and radiologists work closely together to plan the best course to reduce the possibility of cancer in your future. And we all work with our Breast Health Navigator, so you're never without answers at any time in the process.

The Support You Need Every Step of the Way

At the same time, we know “care” isn’t only about the superior credentials of our surgeons, or our leading-edge technology. Beyond our Breast Navigator, sometimes you just need someone to talk to, or to meet people just like yourself. Sometimes you need to have your family close-by. By bringing together support groups at our hospital, keeping your care local, and connecting you to other services that may be needed, we can help ensure you have the support you need, every step of the way.

A Lifetime of Care

Choosing the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center is the first step on the road to recovery. You have our commitment that we will be here for you throughout your journey, providing the clear answers you need, and creating an individual treatment and recovery plan that is specifically tailored to your needs—and continuing your care to keep you healthy. Choosing to have your treatment right here, close to home, is your first step toward a lifetime of care.

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