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  • Conversations Around Weight

    We discuss aspects of health and wellness related to weight.

  • Fueling for Fitness

    Learn how to fuel for workouts, eat the proper amount of carbohydrates, protein & fat, properly recover from workouts, lose or gain weight, & why fad diets do/do not work.

  • HealthierU!

    A series of classes that will be led by Henry Mayo certified lifestyle personal trainers. Various fitness and health topics will be covered.

  • Nutrition for Endurance

    Do you have your training down, but nutrition is the missing link? Are you: Frustrated by low energy? Unable to lose weight? Confused about what to eat for an effective sports diet? In this class you will learn: What is an effective sports diet How to choose foods that provide energy and promote optimal health benefits How to plan and prepare meals and snacks even with a busy schedule What to eat before, during and after an endurance event How to lose weight and still have energy for performance How to gain weight healthfully