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  • Lower Your Risk in 2022 12/17/2021

    It’s hard to ignore this staggering fact from the CDC- 88 million Americans are at risk for Type 2 diabetes, and we have a way to change the outcome- the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

  • A Festive Veggie for the Holidays 12/3/2021

    A kinda broccoli, cauliflower hybrid, its from the same brassica family as Brussels Sprouts, and is definitely the coolest looking plant you’ve ever seen.

  • So Many Apples! 11/19/2021

    It’s Fall once again, and a good time to try some new and delicious apple varieties.

  • Diabetes Awareness Month- Join Us! 10/28/2021

    Diabetes Awareness Month- Join Us!

  • Spotlight on Summer Squash 10/15/2021

    Spotlight on Summer Squash

  • Foods to Thrive on After Breast Cancer 9/30/2021

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Nutrition plays a role in lowering risk for all cancers, but recent research sheds further light on the role of nutrition for surviving and thriving after a breast cancer diagnoses.

  • Spotlight on Figs 9/16/2021

    Walking around your neighborhood, you may notice a variety of homegrown So Cal produce. Lemon trees with fruit dangling onto a sidewalk, oranges or limes here and there...

  • Spotlight on Figs 9/15/2021

    Spotlight on Figs

  • Learning to Love Our Body 9/3/2021

    Learning to Love Our Body

  • Join the Conversation 8/20/2021

    Join the Conversation