Published on January 21, 2022

Favorite Things, 2022 Edition

Welcome to 2022! We are looking forward to some exciting new programs in Henry Mayo Community Education. We also have some faves in the food and health space to share with you to get this year off to an exciting start!

  1. Reducetarianism- How about that tongue twister! Plant-based, plant-forward, flexitarian; however you slice and dice it, cutting down on animal foods and increasing plant foods continues to be an important step for overall health. This new term has been coined to encompass those that are taking the cut-down, reduce intake with animal foods path. Whether you switch out a beef burger for a black bean burger, or change your turkey sandwich to a hummus with veggies, your body will thank you. Join us this year in our Plant-Base Eating class to continue your journey.
  2. Foods to support brain health- Living longer is one thing, but living longer with a healthy brain is the ticket. As we battle the growing rates of Alzheimer’s disease, research continues to illuminate how foods influence brain health. Some new companies have been formed specifically to make “brain foods” but you don’t need a bar or supplement, getting daily intake of dark leafy greens, having berries and whole grains are great steps to enhance your noggin.
  3. Hibiscus- There is a new, not so new, flavor in town straight form the botanical world. Hibiscus tea, also called Agua de Jamaica, has been popular in Mexico for hundreds of years. While often very sweet, the dried flowers, or calyx, has anti-cancer and anti-bacterial qualities. Look for lower sugar beverages and treats flavored with hibiscus for a tart snack.
  4. Preventing diabetes with the Diabetes Prevention Program- Covid has brought to the forefront the alarming health risks associated with diabetes. Why not prevent diabetes before you even have it? We have two DPP cohorts starting in early 2022. 
  5. Sunflower seed butter- Long a staple of nut-free school lunches, sunflower seeds are now being used in a variety of new places, from desserts to snacks. If you have a nut allergy, or are just looking for a new way to get in some healthy fats, consider sunflower seeds sprinkled on salad, sunflower seed butter on toast, or check out your grocery aisle for a sunflower seed product.
  6. Restorative sleep- 7 or 8 hours is good for the body, but it’s the quality not just the quantity of sleep that matters. Vital to brain health, deep sleep and REM sleep help restore the body. If you are not getting enough high quality sleep, make it a priority this year!
  7. Color of the Year- Who doesn’t love a pop of color? Very Peri, created by Pantone, is a bright violet blue meant to evoke the computer age we live in and the blue light it emits all around us. Maybe some blue light paint will help us take a much needed blue light emitting device break and re-set for the new year. Cheers!