Celebrate a World of Flavor this March

What’s food without flavor? March is National Nutrition Month, and the campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics aims to help us not just choose healthy foods to eat, but make sure we are eating flavorful food along the way. We here in Community education believe strongly that delicious food can be good for you too!

Join us in March to celebrate National Nutrition Month. Along with our usual bevy of nutrition focused classes, we have some new things going on this month. On Saturday March 5th our staff will be on hand at the Newhall Library Farmers Market, from 8am-1pm. Come ask questions of our education and fitness center staff and enter a raffle for a healthy habits gift basket. On Wednesday March 30th, 5:30pm, come find out “What’s Wrong with Hot Cheetos?” as one of our dietitian educators discusses the dark side of processed snacks, from food colorings and preservatives to excessive salt, sugar, and fat.

Looking to add more flavor to your food prep? Cut down on salt, and enhance the taste by adding fresh and dried herbs and spices. Check out these ideas from the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.