Spring Has Sprung at the Fitness Center

One of my favorite quotes ever is from fitness guru Jack LaLanne; “Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.” While we usually focus on the queen-side of this equation here at the Nourished Body blog , as LaLanne says, you need both to be truly healthy.

To help support the kingdom, we are excited to kick off April with the re-opening of the Henry Mayo Fitness Center. For many people, this past year has been a particularly challenging time to keep up a fitness routine. Offering Community Education classes online has been a wonderful way to continue to teach the community, but we know many have missed coming in person to both Community Education and the Fitness Center.

National guidelines recommend adults get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise, with 2 days a week of strength training activities. Research shows that when groups of gym members are compared to non-gym members, gym members generally exceed these recommendations. Of course, there are many wonderful ways to get regular physical activity outside of a gym and we want to support everyone’s goals. But for some people, re-opening our fitness center is the best means for getting back on the fitness train.

If you’d like to see if Henry Mayo Fitness is a good fit for you, check out the website, call, email or stop by.

Tel them Jack Lalanne sent you!