Published on March 25, 2022

Spotlight on Apricots and Cantaloupe

These two seasonal fruit, while from very different families, share surprisingly similar health benefits. Cantaloupe being a melon, is in the gourd family, and shares much in common with both watermelon and pumpkin. While apricots are stone fruit, related to cherries and plums.

Perhaps they aren’t closely related, but their health benefits show they have a lot in common. Some of this is due to their color. The soft orange hue of both fruits signal their beta-carotene content. Both contain lots of water, making them refreshing during the summer, but also low in calories for a filling serving size of 2 apricots or a cup of cubed cantaloupe. Both also contain good amounts of Vitamin C and potassium.

They also contribute to your daily fiber intake. Eat apricots with the skin on to get up to 1.5 grams per apricot. To eat cantaloupe, wash the outer skin well, as it can carry bacteria due to growing on the ground. Then cut and cube the flesh, discarding the skin, and wash hands, knife and all cutting surfaces with hot, soapy water.

Fresh apricots and cantaloupe are delicious on their own, added to yogurt, or a salad. Try a hefty green, like kale, or more bitter green, like arugula, to balance out the sweetness. We can enjoy apricots year round dried. Look for sulfur free, no sugar added varieties. Chop up dried apricots and add to oatmeal or quinoa for a sweet addition.

Try out these yummy ideas to enjoy apricots and cantaloupe this summer! Both include feta cheese, which you can keep if you enjoy, remove if you don’t, or sub for goat cheese.