Published on April 19, 2021

Snack Attack

It’s hard to keep track of the constant new boxes and bags of snack options that turn up each month at the grocery store. While it’s best to choose fresh foods most often as snacks- think fresh fruit, cut up veggies and nuts- there is a between option now more and more available that gives some of the crunch and taste we associate with so-called junk foods like potato chips. Here are two of my snack picks to choose when you have covered your whole food bases and just want to feed the crunch craving!

First up are the new and growing category of dry roasted bean snacks. Chickpeas in a bag, with a variety of seasoning options, may not be your first choice in snacking, but they pack a punch by providing fiber and protein. Check the label for serving size, fat, and salt content. With an average of 40-50 beans per serving at under 200 calories, they can be very satisfying and minimally processed. Besides chickpeas, aka garbanzo beans, look for edamame (soy beans) and broad (fava beans).

Another good to have on hand for snack cravings are baked or freeze dried fruit snacks. While in general it’s best to choose whole fresh or frozen fruit as a snack, sometimes you run out or just need to throw something in a bag to have when hunger strikes. With almost no ingredients but the fruit itself, unless you choose a cinnamon flavor, these are crunchy, sweet with a touch of sour, and minimally processed. Look for apple, banana, and pineapple along with lots of other varieties.

Happy healthy snacking!