Published on March 19, 2021

One Person’s Arugula, is Another’s Rocket

Food is personal. Nutrition is universal. All across the globe, communities eat different types of foods, cooked in different ways, but all toward the same means of fueling our bodies to not just stay alive, but ideally thrive. Humans need calories to keep our bodies functioning and growing; vitamins and minerals to carry out all the various chemical reactions and building it takes to keep us alive. Providing the nutrients for life are millions of things we can eat. Some of these are universal- most places in the world eat some form of greenery, like the arugula, also called rocket, mentioned in the title. We all rely on grains or starches, whether potatoes, rice, corn or wheat. Some places grow apples, some pineapple. Point being, we eat differently, but the same. And our bodies all need the same things, which come in many different packages.

The theme for National Nutrition Month 2021 is Personalize Your Plate. Whether you eat animal foods, are vegetarian or vegan, like broccoli or don’t, we can all reach our nutrition goals by looking at the foods we enjoy and personalizing our plates. Join us on Tuesday March 23rd at 4pm for a Zoom class looking at different variations on a healthy plate. You may find some new favorite nutritious foods to enjoy!

To learn more about National Nutrition Month check out the resources from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics here-