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  • Foot and Ankle Pain

    Discussion on: Plantar fasciitis, foot/ankle conditioning, chronic ankle pain, sports-related injuries, tips for maintaining healthy feet, risk factors of sprains/strains

  • Improving Balance and Preventing Falls

    Learn about risk factors for falls, common household hazards, balance, different body systems needed for proper functioning, & how to help improve balance & decrease fall risk.

  • Joint Replacement Education

    Are you having a hip, knee, or shoulder replacement? Join us for a FREE class designed to help patients get ready for their surgery and recovery.

  • Neck and Back Care

    This class offers valuable information on how to take better care of your spine to prevent future back and neck injuries and to improve pain management.

  • Nutrition for Endurance

    Do you have your training down, but nutrition is the missing link? Are you: Frustrated by low energy? Unable to lose weight? Confused about what to eat for an effective sports diet? In this class you will learn: What is an effective sports diet How to choose foods that provide energy and promote optimal health benefits How to plan and prepare meals and snacks even with a busy schedule What to eat before, during and after an endurance event How to lose weight and still have energy for performance How to gain weight healthfully

  • Understanding Pain

    Do you suffer from pain? In this class you will get information on what causes pain and how you can manage it.

  • Why Are You Dizzy?

    Have you been diagnosed with vertigo? Learn what is making you dizzy. This class will cover the anatomy and causes of dizziness, as well as primary diagnoses.