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Heart Attack Prevention and Post Heart Attack Care

Community, Caring For Your Heart

Every 43 seconds, someone in the United States has a heart attack. Coronary artery disease is the main cause
for heart attacks. In this class you will learn valuable tools to help prevent a heart attack. If you are a heart
attack survivor you will learn important ways to care for yourself.

Presented by: Will Bozlee, BSN RN

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Facts and statistics
  • What is a heart attack
  • Preventing a heart attack
  • What is cholesterol?
  • What should my cholesterol numbers be?
  • Symptoms of a heart attack
  • Heart attack symptoms unique to women
  • Diagnosing a heart attack
  • Immediate treatment for a heart attack
  • Advanced treatments for a heart attack
  • Devices to help your heart during heart attacks
  • Complications of heart attacks
  • Angina
  • Medicines for post heart attack care
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Life after a heart attack
  • Post heart attack nutrition
  • Lifestyle changes and their benefits
  • When to return to work and driving
  • Physical activity recommendations
  • Emotional health and well-being