Outpatient Wound Care Services

Currently located in the Ambulatory Care building, third floor, the Outpatient Wound Care Center is here to help you heal.

With a focus on aggressive and individualized treatment plans based on the gold standard for wound care, Henry Mayo’s Wound Care Services proudly reports a 90 percent success rate for healing diabetic or pressure ulcers and other hard-to-heal wounds.  Our board-certified physicians, registered nurses and medical assistants work closely with referring physicians and community professionals to achieve optimal outcomes and provide patients with prevention educations.
More than six million people in the United States suffer from chronic wounds – a wound that hasn’t shown significant improvement in four weeks or healed completely in eight weeks. Such ailments typically fall Into the following categories:


  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Venous stasis ulcers

  • Pressure ulcers (commonly known as bedsores)
  • Ulcers on ischemic limbs
  • Other chronic hard-to-heal wounds


During your initial appointment, you'll be evaluated to determine any underlying physical conditions, such as diabetes or poor circulation that might inhibit your natural healing process. Our professional staff will plan an individualized treatment program for you, developed to maximize healing within a few months. Our clinical approach includes advanced therapeutic technologies along with specialized products and services.
To boost your success, we'll teach you how to care for your wounds at home and discuss ways to improve your condition with proper nutrition and care. Our regimen will also help you prevent reoccurrences.


Coming to Henry Mayo

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) will be available at Henry Mayo by summer 2017.  HBOT is a therapy that enhances the body's natural healing process by putting the patient in an enclosed environment in which he or she inhales 100% oxygen.  The result is that the amount of oxygen in the patient's blood is increased, which in turn restores the normal levels of blood gases and tissue function to promote healing and fight infection.  HBOT is an effective therapy that is used to supplement other advanced wound care treatments.


Venus Ablation Therapy

Venus Ablation Therapy is a minimally invasive alternative to surgical stripping of the great saphenous vein.   This service will also be coming to Henry Mayo in summer 2017.


If you or someone you know has a sore or wound that isn't healing properly, please call our Wound Care Services department directly at (661) 200-1525.