Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy helps patients regain both strength and mobility after an injury due to illness or from a condition. Our physical therapists address your need to return to both work and play, sporting activities or routines of daily life. We have physical therapists who are experts in the treatment of orthopedic and sports injuries using their experience in manual therapy techniques and exercise program planning. We also have physical therapists who are experts in the treatment of neurological disorders and injuries including stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, traumatic brain injury and multiple sclerosis.


Our state-of-the-art facilities feature advanced equipment including the Alter-G Antigravity treadmill and more.


Orthopedic Conditions We Treat:

  •     Post-Surgical Rehab
  •     Low Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain
  •     Knee Pain
  •     Arthritis
  •     Tendonitis
  •     Arthritis
  •     Fractures
  •     Spinal Disk Problems, Degenerative Disk and Joint Disease of the Spine
  •     Muscle, Tendon and Ligament Tears



Specialty Services

Lymphedema Therapy

Oftentimes there are inherent and unavoidable side effects to cancer surgeries; especially with lymph node removal, and radiation therapy. Physical therapy treatments, performed by a certified lymphedema therapist experienced in manual therapy in the area of cancer care, will encourage fast and full surgical recovery as well as provide important information on lymphedema prevention education, manual treatment for pain reduction, scar and motion restrictions, manual lymph drainage, joint mobilization, manual stretching, neuromuscular re-education, bandaging and compression garments, individualized exercise program, education on self massage and bandaging techniques.

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Treatment for Pelvic Floor Disorders

Using techniques such as myofascial release, behavior modification, biofeedback, electrical stimulation and exercise instruction, we have great success in treating urinary and fecal incontinence, urinary retention or frequency, tailbone and rectal pain, vaginal pain, testicular pain, abdominal pain and bloating.

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Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders

TMJ pain is a crippling disorder prevalent in our society resulting in the inability to do the basic function such as chewing, eating, or brushing their teeth. Symptoms indicating TMJ disorders are jaw pain, bruxism (teeth grinding), headaches and neck aches, teeth ache, and difficulty talking. Our therapists are trained to treat the individual by using various modalities, joint mobilization, and education of musculo-skeletal injuries.



To make an appointment with our Physical Therapy department, please call 661-200-1550.