Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

“Our NICU team was the best we could ever ask for. Our nurse was always there for us and our baby.”


As the Santa Clarita community continues to grow and thrive, the demand for maternity services increases as does the need to ensure that critical care for newborns is close to home. Responding to that need, in June of 2012, Henry Mayo opened an 11-bed, 4,369-square-foot neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), featuring state-of-the-art, private rooms.


The new, $6 million Kim and Steven Ullman NICU is an important part of the hospital's expansion and vision to create an exceptional patient-centered environment for the Santa Clarita Valley community and providing world-class healthcare for SCV’s tiniest patients close to home.


The NICU Care Team

Led by a board-certified neonatologist, Henry Mayo’s Neonatal Care Team provides round-the-clock individualized, expert care and monitoring for critically ill newborns. In the comfort of their own private rooms, equipped with the latest technology, our patients can remain close to home where parents, family and friends can watch them thrive under the care of a dedicated, highly-trained neonatal healthcare team.


Our neonatologists oversee care, and neonatal nurses with advanced training provide continual monitoring, while respiratory care specialists, dietitians, pharmacists, and physical and occupational therapists provide support for the newborns and their parents. With more than 400 years of combined experience, our neonatal nurses and respiratory therapists have been trained on more than 26 pieces of highly-specialized equipment.


Our Team:

  • Medical Director-
  • Board-Certified Neonatologists 
  • Director of Maternal Child Services
  • Clinical Neonatal  Nurse Specialist
  • Charge Nurses
  • Experienced Neonatal Nurses
  • Experienced Neonatal Respiratory Care Specialists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Pharmacists
  • Chaplain Services
  • Social Services
  • Lactation Specialists



Cutting Edge Technology

“The private rooms gave us the comfort, security and quiet that we needed during this challenging time.”--KS


Great thought went into the NICU design to ensure a high quality, comprehensive continuum of care for all mothers and babies who need extra care, along with a warm, nurturing environment that meets the needs of our tiniest patients right here in our own community and close to family and friends. With that in mind, Henry Mayo’s NICU features family-centered, private rooms, each one equipped with the latest technological advances.


Henry Mayo's 11-bed NICU is equipped and staffed for a full range of highly specialized neonatal care and includes state-of-the art equipment and materials to ensure the best care for babies. The private, temperature-controlled NICU rooms are architecturally designed and built to provide each infant the developmental ly appropriate environment that they require-- from the warm lighting which has multiple levels to the sound barriers to keep noise down so our babies can rest and grow.  


Our Technology and Facilities:

  • 4,369 square feet of dedicated space
  • Family-Centered Private Rooms
  • Observation windows in all rooms
  • Neurological Monitoring and Cool Cap capabilities
  • 11 Giraffe OmniBeds
  • Lactation room
  • Tissue license for donor breast milk
  • Twins room
  • Isolation room
  • Parent Lockers


Mother and Baby Programs

“I got to spend quiet time with my baby. The lactation room was nice there were even TVs there and plenty of room—very comfortable.”--GJ


Henry Mayo is a Baby-Friendly designated hospital.  This means that staff at Henry Mayo will give new mothers the information, confidence and skills needed to successfully initiate and continue breastfeeding their infants. Our lactation specialists provide information and guidance that new mothers need for a successful feeding experience. Henry Mayo offers the convenience and privacy of a lactation room located right in the NICU, including televisions and comfortable recliners where new mothers can pump in a private setting.


Our Just Us 2 at 2 p.m. program, provides private, quiet time for mothers and babies to bond and rest with minimum outside interruptions between 2 and 4 p.m.


Family and Visitors

“Everything there was so immaculate and peaceful.”--BM


Parents are permitted to come to the NICU at any time. Other visitors and siblings between the ages of 5-12 may visit during regular visiting hours if there is an additional adult to supervise the child. All visitors will have a health screen assessment done. Children visiting will have their vaccination records reviewed to ensure they are current. During flu outbreaks there may be changes to this policy.


Also, please note that everyone entering the NICU must wash their hands and complete a health survey every 24 hours. For your convenience, there are storage lockers near the entrance door of the NICU.


Parental Support/Follow-Up

“My questions were answered promptly and professionally.”--EF


We understand that having your baby in the NICU can at times be challenging, and that you may have special questions and concerns regarding your baby’s stay. There are also specialized staff members, such as social workers, case workers and a chaplain who can provide support to families and new mothers.


Please address any questions or concerns to your charge nurse who will then direct you to the appropriate staff member.



“What I learned from the classes helped prepare me for my baby’s arrival at home.”--MT


Henry Mayo offers several classes on childbirth, prenatal and postpartum care. For more information, please call (661) 253-8607.


Philanthropic Support

“We support our local NICU at Henry Mayo because it keeps our babies close to home.”


The Santa Clarita Valley community deserves the security and comfort of a neonatal intensive care unit, and many Henry Mayo physicians, staff, and volunteers, as well as members of the SCV community have stepped forward with meaningful contributions for the NICU. Henry Mayo Newhall Health Foundation continues to gratefully accept all gifts, large or small, for our tiniest patients.


For more information about how you can help save babies' lives, please call Henry Mayo Newhall  Health Foundation at (661) 200-1200 or visit