Joint Replacement and Spine Surgery programs

Did you know that over 600,000 knee replacements are being performed each year, more than 53,000 Americans are having shoulder replacement surgery annually, and hip replacements are estimated to increase by 174% over the next 18 years in the United States?


To address this growing problem, Henry Mayo’s team of experts has worked collaboratively to develop its new comprehensive Joint Replacement and Spine surgery programs.  In addition to being recognized by US News and World Report as one of the Best Regional Hospitals for neurology, neurosurgery, pulmonology and geriatrics in 2011/12, Henry Mayo has implemented the latest techniques and approaches to joint and spine surgery—all in an effort to maintain high quality health care, right here in the community.


We are also A Joint Commission Center of Excellence Designation for Hip, Knee and Shoulder Replacement and Spine Surgery.


Whether undergoing a minimally invasive joint replacement or complex spine surgery, Henry Mayo’s patient-centered programs are dedicated to caring for each and every patient from diagnosis to surgery to recovery and beyond,right here in our community.


Exceptional Physicians and Staff

Staffed with an exceptionally skilled team of neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons, all of whom are board certified, Henry Mayo’s new comprehensive Joint Replacement and Spine Surgery programs provide patients with an exceptional level of joint and spine surgical care by some of the most accomplished surgeons in the region.


Personalized Education

The Joint Replacement and Spine Surgery programs feature a dedicated nurse navigator who guides patients through their surgical journey, from day one all the way to six months after their surgery.  An advocate for each and every patient, the nurse navigator responds to all patient questions – from the most basic to complex - all the while addressing mobility and recovery issues which puts patients and their loved ones at ease.


Every aspect of the surgical procedure is explained during pre-surgery classes and patients receive a custom guidebook that reinforces class lessons.  Each class is interactive featuring an informal question and answer session, and implant model demonstrations that participants can see and touch.


Collaborative Approach to Pain Management

Henry Mayo recognizes that all patients have their own unique pain management needs.  Whether it is controlling pain after surgery or managing chronic pain, the hospital’s expert staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient-centered pain management care. 


Starting with pre-operative education, Henry Mayo’s pain management team helps patients actively participate in their care by setting realistic goals.  Using the latest techniques and advancements in pain management, Henry Mayo’s multidisciplinary team of experts works in conjunction with each patient to develop a customized pain management plan that maximizes pain relief and minimizes potential medication side effects.


New Technologies and Approaches

State-of-the-art technologies, surgical advancements and a compassionate, personal approach to patient care are the centerpieces of Henry Mayo’s Joint Replacement and Spine Surgery programs.  Whether it is using the XLIF surgical approach, utilizing the state-of-the-art HANA surgical table or using a high-tech knee implant, neuro-spine and orthopedic surgeons at Henry Mayo have the latest technologies and equipment that allow patients to receive high quality care that promotes faster recovery, less pain and better outcomes right here in our community.


Our Joint and Spine Care Team:

  • Surgeons, including neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons who specialize in joint replacement, degenerative spine, spinal deformity, trauma and other spine and joint care.
  • A dedicated nursing staff with expertise caring for surgical spine and joint replacement patients. This includes a nurse case manager who works closely with patients, surgeons, and other care providers, as well as insurance carriers to help secure home medical equipment such as walkers, bedside commodes and hospital beds.
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapists that work diligently to support patients in their recovery.
  • A clinical navigator whose role is to educate and guide patients and their families through their surgical experience to recovery and providing access to resources after discharge.
  • A group of dieticians to ensure proper nutrition to promote healing.
  • Knowledgeable pharmacist who deliver safe, effective and therapeutic medications to aid recovery, including a customized pain medication program.
  • Social workers who perform assessments to determine patients’ support system, coping skills and needs. They are also available to family members and loved ones, as is our in-house chaplain, who offers spiritual counseling and emotional support.

To learn more about advanced joint and spine technologies at Henry Mayo, please contact us at (661) 200-BACK.