Akbar Hasan (In Memoriam)

Henry Mayo’s new Infusion Center and its patients are the beneficiaries of a generous donation which was made by Haida Sheikh, a pathologist assistant, on behalf of the late Akbar Hasan. READ MORE


Joe Caso, Frontier Toyota

When it comes to supporting Henry Mayo's Emergency and Trauma Services, Joe Caso, owner and general manager of Frontier Toyota, walks the walk. Or, rather, drives the drive. May 2015 marked Frontier Toyota’s 19th year in supporting the ER. READ MORE


Perez Family

As first-time parents, and dealing with health issues during pregnancy, Chuck and Elizabeth Perez were apprehensive as they entered the Henry Mayo Labor and Delivery department. “However, we quickly found we were surrounded by angels--the nursing staff at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital." READ MORE


Maxx Merlo

It’s never too early to understand the impact of philanthropy. Maxx Merlo of Valencia, age 7, proved that when he donated all his savings to Henry Mayo Newhall  Hospital’s Kim and Steven Ullman Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). READ MORE


Betty Burke Oldfield

Betty Burke Oldfield’s involvement with Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital began when the hospital opened its doors to the Santa Clarita Valley Community in 1975. When asked to volunteer, she did not hesitate. READ MORE


Wayne and Connie Spears

Generous charitable gifts from our community including a major contribution from a Santa Clarita family, and over 500 enthusiastic Henry Mayo employees, physicians and volunteers along with a foundation grant enabled Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital to new 18-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which opened this year. READ MORE


Roberta G. Veloz

Roberta has not only given her time and talents to Henry Mayo; she has donated more than $5 million dollars to the hospital - all aimed at developing critical infrastructure and programs to care for our community's hearts. READ MORE