Diabetic Neuropathy Education

April 16, 2018  |  2:00 PM  -  3:00 PM

Diabetic Neuropathy Education Presented by Will Bozlee, BSN, RN

There are more than 200,000 new cases of diabetic neuropathy per year. This condition
most often affects the legs and feet. For some people, symptoms are mild. For others,
symptoms can be painful, debilitating, and even fatal. This class will simplify the
complexities of diabetic neuropathy and will help you understand this disease process
better. Topics to be covered will include:

• What is diabetic neuropathy
• Types of diabetic neuropathy
• Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy
• When to see the doctor
• Causes of diabetic neuropathy
• Risk factors and complications
• Preparing for your doctor’s appointment
• Tests and diagnosing diabetic neuropathy
• Is there a cure?
• How to slow this disease down
• Pain relief caused by diabetic neuropathy
• Managing complications
• Lifestyle changes
• Alternative therapies
• Coping and support
• Prevention

Classes occur every third Monday of the
month from 2 to 3 p.m.

Education Center at Henry Mayo Fitness and Health
24525 Town Center Drive, Valencia, CA 91355


Henry Mayo Fitness and Health
24525 Town Center Drive
Valencia, CA 91355
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