Meet Your Navigator

Mindy Burgess, your Breast Health Navigator, has a single mission: to stand beside you and provide information and support, at every step along the way. She’s involved in your journey from the moment you’re diagnosed, and serves as your advocate and guide throughout treatment and recovery.


Here to Listen

You’ve just heard some of the most shocking words in your life. You may feel as if you don’t know where to turn next, or who to talk to.

This is why Mindy is here to listen, and to provide the clear, caring answers you need. What’s next? How does it all work? What do I tell my family? What should I ask my doctor? There’s no question too big, or too basic.

There’s also no question too specific. With her nursing background, experience in cancer care, post-surgical care, and chemotherapy, Mindy can share extensive knowledge about chemotherapy, radiation therapy, lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstruction, and more to help you understand the often complex world and vocabulary of your diagnosis and treatment plan.


Here to Care

Your Breast Health Navigator is also the focal point of your care. Mindy coordinates your treatment between your primary care physician and everyone involved in your care. She ensures your access to services, and assists with scheduling tests and consultations.


And, because she’s in close contact with everyone involved in caring for you, Mindy helps assure the highest possible level of communication, coordination, and interaction, for your best possible outcome, and peace of mind.


Here to Help


More than anything, Mindy is here for you and your family. She knows you’re scared, and she’s available to help in any way possible. Count on her for guidance to the emotional and spiritual support resources you may need. Trust her to be your link to social workers, services from nutritional counseling to physical therapy to support groups, financial assistance, and more.

You don’t need to keep it all in, or go it alone—talk to Mindy. If you have questions, please contact Mindy Burgess today at her NEW phone number: 661.200.1097 or


  • 23929 MCBEAN PKWY, SUITE 101

  • (661) 200-1099

  • Fax (661) 200-1098