Patients Speak

Felicia's Story

Felicia Lupu’s breast cancer diagnosis in 2015 changed her life in ways she hadn’t expected. A nurse for more than 20 years - 17 at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital - Lupu found a new perspective as a patient. 

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Elizabeth's Story

In August of 2013, Elizabeth was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer, and her life as she knew it changed dramatically. She credits the "amazing, loving and talented team of people" at the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center for helping her cope and heal.

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Kate's Story

Kate Brinegar-Cowan knew that along with being a DES daughter, having taken estrogen for several years, and her family history, she was at an increased risk of breast cancer. So she had always been proactive.

“Breast cancer has taken every woman in my family.” Kate said. “As women, we're told to establish a history with our chosen mammogram facility so that should anything appear from one mammogram to the next, it can be caught early.”

She did that.

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Kim's Story

I had no risk factors for getting breast cancer. That’s why I reacted so casually when, after having a mammogram, I received a call encouraging me to return for further testing, followed by an appointment to meet with a breast surgeon.

Even after the surgeon explained the seriousness of my condition—extensive carcinoma throughout my breast with mastectomy as the only option—I didn’t want to believe it.

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Gail's Story

My first scare came in the summer of 2006. Abnormal findings prompted a series of additional tests including breast MRI, ultrasound, and my all time personal favorite -- “stereotactic needle biopsy.” This was a scary, lonely time that I chose not to share as I waited for the results.

Fortunately, the findings were all negative and I promised to return every 6 months for follow-up.

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Stella’s Story

Over two and a half years later, I walked into the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Imaging Center for a mammogram . . . my fears were substantiated when the radiologist pointed out a small cluster of calcifications that were not there before. He suspected cancer.

I was in shock! This was not happening to me.

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