Medical Executive Committee

The Medical Executive Committee (MEC) is the primary governance committee for the independent medical staff.  The MEC, with input from the medical staff, makes key leadership decisions related to medical staff policies, procedures, and rules, with an emphasis on quality control and quality improvement initiatives. They are also responsible for adopting and implementing medical staff policies and procedures, and creating medical staff appointment and reappointment criteria.


2018 Medical Executive Committee:       

Don Nishiguchi, M.D., Chief of Staff       

Cecelia Hann, M.D., Secretary   

Mark Sender, M.D., Treasurer      

Tracy Lawrence, M.D., Chair, Primary Care

Nilesh Hingarh, M.D., Chair, Medicine     

Louie-Marc Contreras, M.D., Chair, Surgery          

Lawrence Leiter, M.D., Member at Large  

Charanjit Saroa, M.D., Member at Large

Reuel Asinas, M.D., Chair, Admin Services

Anant Desai, M.D., Chair, CME, Library Committee



The MEC represents and acts for on behalf of the Medical Staff, enforces medical staff rules and policies and is responsible for ensuring that the medical staff functions as efficiently and effectively as possible.   This group also manages the process for proposing and evaluating the medical staff bylaws and rules and regulations—the legal documents that define the purpose, structure, and authority of the medical staff.


Medical Staff Committees:


The MEC has 21 medical department committees that provide administrative and medical leadership on a wide array of complex issues.  These committees bring together physicians on the medical staff to review and collaborate on medical treatment decisions and recommendations on some of the most challenging and complex medical cases - from diagnosis and lab results, to pathology studies, radiological and surgical procedures.

  • Department of Medicine Committee

    • Behavior Health Committee

    • Medicine Peer Review

    • Radiation Safety Committee

    • Critical Care Committee

  • Department of Primary Care Committee

    • Primary Care Peer Review Committee

    • Newborn/Pediatrics Committee

  • Department of Surgery Committee

    • Surgery Peer Review Committee

    • Anesthesia Committee

    • Obstetrics/Gynecology Committee

    • Tissue, Transfusion & Laboratory Committee

    • Trauma Committee

  • Quality Performance Council

  • Appropriateness Review Committee

  • Bylaws & Accreditation Committee

  • Cancer Committee

  • Continuing Medical Education/Library Committee

  • Credentialing Committee

  • Ethics Committee

  • Infection Control Committee

  • Nominating Committee

  • Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee

  • Physicians Well Being Committee

  • Emergency Services Committee