Board of Directors

Henry Mayo’s Board of Directors is charged with overseeing the overall quality and sustainability of hospital services, facilities, finances, properties and affairs.  Each Board member may hold terms of up to 12 years and ex officio members include the Chief Executive Officer and Chief of Staff.  All board members are community-minded individuals who receive no compensation for their services on the Board.  Appointments are recommended by a separate Governance Committee consisting of the CEO, Board Chair, Chief of Staff and other respected members of the community.
In so much that Henry Mayo is a non-profit community hospital; any excess funds gained after day-to-day expenses are met are used for improvements such as purchasing new equipment, necessary expansion and funding of new services.  There are no investors who receive funds or other resources for their private benefit.


Board Committees:

The Board has multiple committees that are tasked with evaluating, approving and/or recommending enhancements to the organization’s multiyear strategic plan, annual operating plan and budgets, as well as quality patient care and facilities development, just to name a few.  The following is a list of Henry Mayo’s Board Committees:


  • Audit & Compliance Committee
  • Evaluation & Compensation Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Facilities & Development Committee
  • Planning & Marketing Committee
  • Patient Care Committee
  • Governance Committee


Hospital Board of Directors 2018

Judy Fish, PhD

Board Chair

Robert Benjamin

Board Vice Chair




John Barstis, MD

Mark Chamberlain

Cheri Fleming

Russell Hanlin

Don Kimball

Mark Liker, MD

Chris Luechtefeld

Roscoe Marter, MD

Don J. Nishiguchi, MD

Craig Peters

Roger Seaver

Todd Stevens